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Ali Safayan, MD

Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine located in Tenleytown, Washington, DC

Meet Dr. Safayan

Ali Safayan, MD, is an internal medicine and integrative primary care physician offering comprehensive care to patients at Restorative Health in Washington, DC. Dr. Safayan provides cutting-edge services like regenerative orthopedic medicine, including prolotherapy and PRP, male and female sexual enhancement, medical acupuncture, and NAET Allergy Elimination. He feels that good health care involves looking for and treating the root cause of imbalance rather than just its symptoms. 

Dr. Safayan’s idea for his practice at Restorative Health was simple; he designed the facility he would go to if he needed compassionate and comprehensive care. He treats all his patients with respect and empathy. Dr. Safayan is a born teacher and prides himself in giving his patients the time they need to fully understand their health concerns. fully. 

In line with his emphasis on education, Dr. Safayan has been teaching medical acupuncture to medical doctors with the Helms Medical Institute (HMI) since 1997; he regularly teaches 3-6 courses a year. Dr. Safayan also teaches medical acupuncture to the US military through the ACUS Foundation and has been doing so since 2009. His work at the ACUS Foundation is focused on training military physicians how to use medical acupuncture for PTSD, TBI, and other disorders associated with combat and post-combat trauma. 

Dr. Safayan also teaches prolotherapy with the Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation. He has taught this novel injection technique since 2010 in the United States as well as Korea, Honduras, and Mexico. He has also been invited to lecture for the International Association of Regenerative Therapy (IART) since 2021. Dr. Safayan also teaches on an annual basis at

Georgetown University medical center in their CAM graduate program lecturing in integrative medicine and medical acupuncture. workshops. 

Dr. Safayan was born in Shiraz, Iran. He received his medical degree from Cebu Doctors’ College of Medicine in Cebu, Philippines. He has been in private practice since 1990 and was board-certified in Internal Medicine in 2000. He holds the following faculty positions: Senior instructor in medical acupuncture for the Helms Medical Institute and ACUS Foundation since 1997 and 2009 respectively; Senior instructor in prolotherapy for the Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation since 2009; lecturer at the International Association of Regenerative Therapy since 2021; and adjunct Adjunct faculty at Georgetown University CAM graduate program 2010.