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Patient Centered Care At Restorative Health, Dc


Welcome to Restorative Health and discover innovative ways to improve your health and well-being under the care of Ali Safayan, MD and his team! We are committed to patient centered care and lifestyle medicine approach to health. We combine the best of conventional and complementary care aiming to limit the use of pharmaceuticals.

What is patient centered care?

Patient centered care simply means we listen and get to know you as a person and partner with you in restoring your health and vitality. This might seem obvious, but when was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your doctor? Dr Safayan gives you ample time to discuss your health concerns and goals.

Your input is crucial

Just like many of our patients you’ll come to understand the importance of your role in enhancing your own well-being. In fact, integral to our patient centered care is your commitment to self-care and a willingness to make lifestyle changes. We believe in empowering you with the knowledge and tools to take healthcare into your own hands. 

Your comprehensive plan of care

Rather than treating your symptoms with medication, we address a range of physical, emotional, mental, and environmental influences that can impact your health. Dr Safayan starts with comprehensive assessment of your current health state, medical history, family history and lifestyle. Then he creates a plan of care that includes different therapeutic modalities specific to your needs. 

Our team of practitioners

Ali Safayan – Medical Doctor,
Karen Threlkel – Naturopathic Doctor,
Olga Afonsky – Nutrition Counseling,
Annie Miller – Integrative Psychotherapy,
Scott Juzwak – Physical Therapy,
Olivier Pelletier – Manual Therapy

First Appointment

Like many of our patients, you may start by seeing Dr. Safayan for a thorough medical assessment and recommendations going forward.

You are welcome to contact any of our practitioners directly to ask questions or schedule an appointment. You may also choose from the list of therapies we provide at Restorative Health or go to the practitioner’s page for contact information.

Insurance coverage

Dr. Safayan works with many medical insurance carriers. Please call the practice for any insurance related questions.


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