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Allergy Services

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If you suffer from allergies, you know how quickly your triggers can spark a full-blown flare-up. At Restorative Health in Washington, DC, Ali Safayan, MD, takes a holistic approach to allergy treatment. Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET®) is a comprehensive type of therapy that combines Eastern and Western techniques, rather than medication, to relieve allergy symptoms. To learn more about the allergy services available at Restorative Health, call or book an appointment online today.

Allergy Services Q & A

What is an allergy?

The primary function of your immune system is to protect your body against harmful pathogens, such as viruses and infections. 

Sometimes, however, the immune system recognizes a harmless foreign substance as a danger to your health. In response, it sends protective antibodies to ward off what it believes to be a dangerous invader. This is called an allergy.

When you’re allergic to something, your body has a negative reaction to the allergen. You may experience sudden inflammation and swelling, uncontrollable sneezing, watery eyes, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Without treatment, allergies can be life-threatening. You can be allergic to nearly anything, including certain foods, chemicals, and environmental substances. 

How do I know if I need allergy services?

How your allergy presents depends on the allergen itself, whether it’s environmental, chemical, seasonal, or a type of food.

Common environmental and seasonal allergens include pollen, mold, grass, pet dander, and dust mites. If you’re allergic to these substances, you may experience:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Watery, red, swollen eyes
  • Runny or stuffy nose

Like environmental and seasonal allergies, food allergies and sensitivities are highly common. You can be allergic to any type of food, but the most common are nuts, shellfish, milk, and eggs. Food allergies can cause a number of uncomfortable symptoms, including:

  • Hives
  • Swollen lips, face, tongue, or throat
  • Wheezing or shortness of breath
  • Anaphylaxis (life-threatening allergic reaction) 

Allergic reactions to medications and chemicals can also lead to severe symptoms, such as rashes, itchy skin, and swelling.

What allergy services are available to diagnose allergies?

The first step in determining whether you have an allergy is allergy testing. Dr. Safayan performs blood tests to diagnose allergies. He may also offer Nambudripad allergy elimination technique ( NAET).

What allergy services are available to treat allergies?

Along with ordering either blood or skin allergy testing, Dr. Safayan offers Nambudripad allergy elimination technique (NAET), which was developed by renowned physician Devi Nambudripad, MD, DC, LAc, PhD, in 1983. This holistic treatment combines kinesiology, acupressure, and acupuncture to reduce or eliminate allergies.

Making contact with an allergen causes your body to develop an obstruction that disrupts the normal flow of energy. NAET reprograms your autonomic nervous system to remove these obstructions and decreases or removes this energetic disruption, restoring normal energetic function.

By exposing the body to a vial of a homeopathic dilution of the identified allergen, Dr. Safayan stimulates acupressure points along your spine. Next, he inserts acupuncture needles into specific points to regulate your autonomic nervous system’s response to the allergen.

The entire treatment takes about 30 minutes. After each treatment, you should avoid the identified allergen for at least 25 hours. Depending on your unique case, you may need multiple treatments to eliminate your allergies.

To learn more about treating allergies with NAET, call Restorative Health or book an appointment online today.