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The Power Of Lifestyle Medicine

What is “lifestyle medicine”? And what can it mean for your health?

Over the past decade more and more studies are proving what we were already aware of: that lifestyle changes can prevent and in some cases reverse disease, and promote a state of wellness and vitality that makes life more pleasurable.

Just last week The Lancet Oncology published a study co-authored by Dr. Dean Ornish and the Preventative Medicine Research Institute and Nobel prizewinner Dr. Elizabeth Blackman and the University of California, San Francisco, showing that lifestyle changes can lengthen telemeres — i.e., lengthen life. This is the first study to show that anything can do that. (Not quite up on your telemeres? Read more here.)

The comprehensive lifestyle changes in the study and generally included in the term “lifestyle medicine” are diet, exercise, stress management and social support. What we know: a largely plant-based, whole foods diet coupled with an active lifestyle incorporating healthy movement and exercise, stress managements techniques such as meditation, and a loving connection to community can transform your health, and relieve a remarkable number of negative symptoms — with no side effects.

We’ve created a program at Restorative Health that combines the very best of integrative and natural therapies and education on the components of lifestyle medicine. We invite you to attend our full roster of lifestyle classes, most of which are free or very low cost, to help support you in making changes in your life, and to schedule an appointment for guidance in customizing a lifestyle program just for you.

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