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Innate Healing

I was inspired to share something I learned recently at the Homestead Farms CSA talk here at Restorative Health. Luke was remembering what happened some years ago after they had just purchased land that was previously a commercial soybean field. Since they are certified organic farmers they did not continue to use pesticides. As Luke put it, the earth went on a wild ride as it began to find its balance again. There were bizarre infestations of insects and other signs of imbalance that were unexpected. In my mind this is a perfect analogy for what happens to our bodies when we are out of balance or detoxifying from drugs or medicines or foods or anything that throws us out of balance. Over time as the soil was nourished and offending substances were avoided, the earth found its natural healthy state. This is exactly how our bodies work. We have an innate ability to heal and right ourselves if given a chance. This story also reminded me of the simple fact that we are connected to this earth. What affects the earth, affects us.

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