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In The Memory Of Friendship

Gaby was a force of nature; she was large in size, personality, attitude and love. She was the guardian angel to me and so many others whose lives she touched during her short life. Gaby died in May 2011 after a 9 year battle with stage four metastatic breast cancer. In helping close out her estate, I was heartbroken to think that her beloved home, a Civil War era barn near Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, would be sold to someone who would have had no knowledge of Gaby or the care she provided people in her barn home. As a result, through the generosity of my parents, Dr and Mrs E. Safayan, we purchased the barn in May 2012 and started what we thought would be a minor renovation. Well, little did we know that two years later it would take more than twice the projected cost to renovate the barn.

Gaby’s barn has now been wonderfully renovated into a beautiful home which can be used as a retreat setting or rented for special family gatherings and events. Renamed The Barn at Two Rivers, the barn includes sweeping views of the countryside from kitchen and bedrooms, lofty interior space with magical morning light, a dream kitchen, a peaceful screened porch and access to adventurous nearby water rafting, small town charm and history for which Harper’s Ferry is famous.

Gaby’s renovated barn stands as a testament to the love and spirit that Gaby brought to the people she met. Thank you Gaby for being my friend.

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