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I Can Do It!

I’m inspired to share my recent experience of the I Can Do It! Conference by Hay House held at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center at National Harbor. I mostly attended to hear Bruce Lipton, PhD share his theories that our bodies are not controlled by our genes but rather by our thoughts and perceptions. Fascinating! In addition there were many reputable and excellent speakers such as Kris Carr, who is thriving with a rare form of cancer through a vegan diet and lifestyle and Cheryl Richardson, who spoke about “extreme self care”. Who would ever think that extreme self care was okay? Meaning that it’s okay to say no and create the space and time you need to replenish yourself. Also Iyanla Vanzant gave an incredibly entertaining and useful talk about forgiveness. So many amazing people, sharing their stories and imparting hard earned wisdom. Gregg Braden described his experience of talking with elderly members of indigenous tribes. He asked how they could live beyond 120 years; the common denominator he discovered is simply love and compassion. One last tidbit from Dr. Lipton: “Love is the ultimate nutrient for life”.

It was a great conference, reminding me how important it is to truly take care of ourselves — our minds, emotions, and spirits as well as our bodies.

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