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Why Wei Chi?

Do you get an annual cold, or worse the flu and bronchitis? Both patients and their physicians recognize the periodicity of such illness but they do little to prevent them short of the annual flu shot. Unfortunately what our modern medicine has failed to appreciate is that our health and well being are intimately tied to the seasons and cycles of our planet Earth. As an example, our cholesterol levels trend up in the fall and winter as a part of the fat that insulates us against the cold, and declines in the spring and summer as the Earth warms and we become more active.

At Restorative Health we appreciate the importance of this seasonal change and encourage our patients to eat seasonally, hydrate well over the winter months, take certain supplements to boost their immune function and get a series of Wei Chi acupuncture treatments. Wei Chi is our defensive energy which diminishes with age, chronic stress, seasonal change and illness. We offer a series of 3 acupuncture treatments, over a 3 week period from October through December. We call it our “acupuncture flu shot.”

So, if you are one of those patients who suffers with annual respiratory illness, and have difficulty with the flu shot or don’t want to take the flu shot, you owe it to yourself to consider doing a Wei Chi tonification this fall.

Please contact Anna at 202-244-6661 ext 105 to schedule your Wei Chi treatment today.